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What are powder brows?

The latest eyebrow pigmentation method that looks very natural.

How does it look afterwards?
This creates a completely natural and soft look.

How long does the eyebrow technique last?
Durability approx. 1.5-2 years depending on skin type. It must be re-pigmented at least once (4 weeks after the initial treatment).

What skin type is this technique suitable for?
This technique is suitable for all skin types (light to dark skin types) – as it is a very gentle pigmentation method.

What is after the treatment?
A freshly pigmented PMU is always much more intense in color than it has healed. At the beginning it looks very dark and is perceived as strong – you have to wait and see – very important! After 4 weeks you have to come for follow-up treatment. You can get care instructions from us in the studio.

advantages of this technique

– The eyebrows look very natural.

– The typical permanent make-up look is gone.

– The effect is similar to eyebrows that have been traced with eyebrow powder.